Shíshī & Cherub: An Intertwining
At the car park of the Kunsthalle

© Teresa Linhard & Jana Buch, 2024

For Shíshī & Cherub: An Intertwining, Teresa Linhard was inspired by a textile work made in the late 17th century in China for export to Europe. It features both Chinese and Western characteristics: Buddhist lions and European putti are combined in a playful manner as natural counterparts.

Do we expand and change our understanding of ourselves as Europeans when we recognize and name these influences?

Shíshī, or guardian lions, are traditional Buddhist symbols of protection and also represent power and fortune, among other things. They typically appear in pairs, guarding entrances to homes, government buildings, and temples. Cherubim are powerful supernatural beings from the Abrahamic religions. They appear in various forms but are often depicted as winged angels. They also serve a protective role as guardians and mediators between the Divine and humans.

In collaboration with Jana Buch, Linhard explores the unusual union of guardian lions and cherubim as a love story. She highlights the technical and cultural amalgamation of different cultures, symbols, and materials and how these manifest in the context of craftsmanship and trade routes. The installation is augmented by Jana Buch with multiple layers of text on posters, flyers, and the wall itself.

Teresa Linhard graduated as a master class student of Prof. Peter Piller at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2023.

Jana Buch graduated as a master class student of Prof. Christopher Williams at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2019.

Invited by Juliane Hoffmanns

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