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10 September – 9 October 2011

Damir Očko – On Ulterior Scale

In his videos, film music and drawings, the Croatian artist Damir Očko (b. 1977) undertakes a quest for imaginary places, places that appear in the mind, far from the familiar. He often takes his material from literature and music,
transforming it into his own pictorial language. The exhibition is centred around Očko's latest film, The Moon Shall Never Take My Voice. This film is structured according to a classic song form in three movements that are inspired by three sources: Gustav Mahler's description of a funeral in New York City, John Cage's perceptions in an anechoic room at Harvard and excerpts of partly fictional interviews with
the astronaut Neil Armstrong about his experiences on the Moon. All three episodes involve intimations or the possibility of absolute stillness as a utopian Nowhere. The three texts are performed in sign language by an actress on an empty, sparsely lit stage: her expressive gestures are accompanied by haunting sound compositions that seem to have a sculptural effect in the space. The mix of precise composition and enigma, wealth of allusions and ineffability is pursued in Očko's series of drawings titled On Ulterior Scale, which combines collage and text fragments – from lectures by Luigi Nono, technical notations in Gustav Mahler's scores, texts by the French surrealist writer René Daumal – with a gentle, almost immaterial layer of paint.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication with an essay by Magdalena Holzhey and an interview with Damir Očko by the American composer Alexander Sigman.

Thanks to Galleria Tiziana di Caro


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