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4 February – 9 April 2012

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Stipend

With the exhibition of works by the Schmidt-Rottluff Stipend holders, the Kunsthalle continues a longstanding tradition. The artists grant awarded every two years is characterized by an impartial view of a stringent individual
achievement. The exhibition presents current works by the stipend holder from 2008 and 2010.

The filigree drawings by Katja Eckert (born 1976) are determined by reduced but distinctive forms as well as fabulous and in part ambiguous motifs. They generate a latent tension, oscillating in space between narration and abstraction. Roland Gätzschmann’s (born 1979)
serial two-colour works impress the viewer with their special materiality and precise assembly: The arrangement of 216 square wax plates each produce a rhythm recalling pictorial numerical sequences. Freya Hattenberger’s (born 1978) videos and photographs playfully examine the location of the body in space: A reflection space dealing with the prerequisites of artistic creativity comes about to the extent that the artist herself becomes a part of her works. Social and socially critical questions are concealed behind Sven Johne’s (born 1976) serial photographs, the motifs of which initially seem light and poetic. Most of his works evolve from comprehensive research and archival work. Alicja Kwade’s (born 1979) sculptural stagings present everyday objects in a new way: The laws of physics seem to have been suspended when forms made out of wood, steel, glass, light tubes and bronze orbit around a fictitious middle point. Cathleen Schuster’s (born 1977) videos pose questions on global market structures and their impact on society. Based on archival material as well as her own photographs, she depicts bleak urban landscapes. The large-format paintings by Sibylle Springer (born 1975) are open interpretation surfaces that seemingly only suggest space and object. The associative power of her acrylic and watercolour landscapes is further heightened by such suggestive titles as White Noise and Burst. The psychedelic video and sound piece by Eva Teppe (born 1973), in which fine sterling cutlery hovers weightless
in space, produces a scurrilous atmosphere that is tied to reality as soon as the viewer discovers the silverware outside the black box.

The exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Advancement Foundation that generously supports the project.

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