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31 May – 24 June 2012

Koo Jeong A. 16:07

The artist Koo Jeong A (born1967 in Seoul) works in the only inadequately describable field of ephemeral site-specific installations or seemingly enchanted everyday minimalist aesthetics. Employing such diverse types of media as drawings,

photographs and very often spatial interventions, the materials and objects she uses are mostly things that have been only negligibly altered: Stagings taken from everyday life. The commonplace is arranged in the space in such an extraordinarily precise manner that new perspectives on the mundane objects inevitably arise. Figures and spatial structures thus emerge from
the assembled individual parts, the objets trouvés, which feature a pictorial language of its own – a philosophy of things per se.

16:07 – a time setting, a date, a score, a unit of measurement – a certain moment, uncertain in time. Koo Jeong A is noncommittal as regards the title of her exhibition, with the result that the meaning of this combination of numbers will remain in limbo until the very last minute. The artist says that the selected numbers can represent a moment as well as a certain interval of time. In doing so, she makes it evident that she is concerned in her piece for the Kunsthalle with the production of an “extended moment” that can be experienced by the visitors who wander through and explore her installation. Time and curiosity are two essential prerequisites for this: the viewers of her pieces should bring these along when traversing the parcours of everyday trifles so that installation’s details will not remain concealed to him. Appearances are deceptive at first: the space seems more or less empty, untidy, modest. Only a few colourful watercolours on the green wall, a collection of various items such as rolled-up hand towels, small hill-like piles of pulverized Japanese rocks, balls of paper and crushed tape… The old-looking hand towels, for example, have been thoroughly washed with soap by Koo Jeong A in an elaborate process; they are thus, in contrast to their visual appearance, extremely pure, forming a
different aura. A very personal moment is similarly addressed in the invitation to the exhibition; a path between the here and now, a walking and looking and searching that is basically a metaphor for existence in the world.
A magic of the objects allows us to surmise that philosophical descriptions of the world are more on track than the mere appearance of
the objects. Only upon closer examination does one discover the cigarettes that have been accurately arranged like a cord that she placed in front of the window frame; the fine drawing on white paper that hangs before the window recalling a watermark, visible or invisible depending on how the sunlight falls into the space. The individual nails hammered into the wall and
the delicate pencil drawing or the white construction dust that marks every step taken the visitor with tracks in the space are similarly only comprehensible over time, in the “extended moment.”

As in the artist’s publication accompanying the exhibition, visibility first arises here through an individual pursuit of existence and time.

A publication in the form of an artist’s book with a text by Gregor Jansen will appear on the occasion of the exhibition and is available for the price of EUR 5. A signed and numbered artist’s edition (150 copies) is available for the price of EUR 20.

The exhibition is funded by

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