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28 September – 25 November 2012

Jewels in the Rheingold. 10 Years Rheingold Collection

For the present anniversary exhibition Juwelen im Rheingold (Jewels in the Rheingold), a selection has been made according to the principle of the exquisite, which
excludes the above works from the partnerships, but, as a “best-of,” gathers plenty of highlights.
The side-light hall of the Kunsthalle stands under the rather historical portent of the classics, the collection supplies prior to 2002―which have been acquired as a group from the Cologne collection, from Rainer Speck, and have generously remained in the Rhineland.
Rheingold predominantly collects artists, which, as students or teachers show an affinity to Düsseldorf’s Art Academy and the Rhenish art scene. This inventory is able to be meaningfully and marvelously complemented by additional purchases of works by Georg Herold, Hubert Kiecol, Thomas Schütte, and Rosemarie Trockel as well as by many of the younger generation, also the arte povera of Kounellis and Mario Merz.

Here, most of all Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, and James Lee Byars are important figures who had their first major solo exhibitions at the same location. Additionally, Carl Andre joins in, who opened first in 1967 at Konrad Fischer, Sigmar Polke, and Walter Dahn’s works from the wild Cologne nineteen-eighties along with Martin Kippenberger, whose work had to wait for some time to achieve museum recognition, and last but not least, Albert Oehlen.

In the cinema hall, after Martin Kippenberger’s and Sigmar Polke’s overtures, large and great works from the Rheingold Collection await: Manfred Pernice with the huge sculpture Bibette Headland of 1999, an untitled abstraction of André Butzer, Hansjoerg Dobliar’s Return of the Mothership, Jörg Immendorff’s figurine, Corinne Wasmuhts Pathfinder as well as Neo Rauch’s Seewind (Sea breeze). They are flanked by creations by diverse artists, such as Peter Doig, Eberhard Havekost, Joanne Greenbaum,
and a joint work of Albert Oehlen and Jonathan Meese.

The love for painting and their reflection or critical distance is clear in all the work. Colorful paintings are variegated in this combination that evokes wild thoughts. Further up, on the upper level of the gallery hall, very colorful creations of pure joy are
conveyed with the “film images” by Peter Doig that were made for his movie theater in Trinidad. Doig’s film posters form a pillar to the top and are caught by Imi Knoebel’s works from the series Pure Freude (Pure joy).

Photography dominates on the first floor. Beat Streuli’s people in cities as well as Peter Doig’s images
mediate between the upper and lower exhibition spaces. On the walls, works by Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, and Thomas Struth line up―presenting in many facets the clear view of contemporary new objectivity. More famous exponents of today’s photography continue as an example of discussion: Lois Renner, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Jeff Wall. In correspondence or supplement to these works, on the outside of the center block are works by Andy Hope 1930, Gregor Schneider and Peter Piller, while on the inside, drawings by Rosemarie Trockel and Thomas Schütte are shown. Other sculptural pieces by Trockel, Georg Herold, and Hubert Kiecol divide the space and have an axial relationship to the spaces of downstairs. Over eighty works by thirty-five artists of the Rheingold Collection are an exquisite selection, and are, in a certain but definitely subjective way, the jewels in the Rheingold.

Exhibition and catalogue are supported by the Rheingold Collection.

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