Kunsthalle BÜHNE

From 2011-2014 the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf carried out Kunsthalle BÜHNE, an interdisciplinary format featuring various music, performance, dance and theater events. The multifaceted project was developed to always accompany the most current exhibitions, so that the performing artists could better engage in a dialogue with the audience.
Collaborators included the Düsseldorf Theater, which served as a location for the first event, BeatTheater2011 (on stage), as well as the FFT Düsseldorf and the German Opera on the Rhine. It is thanks to the close cooperation with these institutions and the artists that this boundary-transcending project was fostered, developed, and finally brought to fruition.
Through this unusual format the Kunsthalle BÜHNE was able to access new visitors, and through extensive intermediary work, bridged the gap between performers and the general public, for example by fostering cross-generational programs with direct participation at schools and senior homes.
The interdisciplinary format Kunsthalle BÜHNE was initiated by the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf together with

the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Art and Culture Foundation, and the Provincial Rheinland Insurance Culture and Social Foundation.

The project ended in January 2014 with the closing festival, Kunsthalle BÜHNE: Das Fest!. For two days the rooms of the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Kunstverein for Rhineland and Westfalia, Kom(m)ödchen and Salon des Amateurs were open to the public for concerts, performances, workshops, and talks. With over 100 participants and over a thousand guests, the festival at Grabbeplatz was a befitting finale to the Kunsthalle BÜHNE event series.


BeatTheater2011 (on stage)

Concert performance from wittmann/zeitblom
Speakers: Konstantin Bühler, Julia Hartmann, Christian Wittmann
Musicians: Jochen Arbeit, Steve Heather, Michael Weilacher, PURE, zeitblom
Live-VJ: René Liebert

Light Design: Frank Kaster
Sound: Marco Pasche

27./28. April 2011

In the context of the exhibition KRIWET – Yester ’n’ Today
19. Februar – 01. Mai 2011
We watch you watch, 2011

Theater production in public space

Concept and direction: Philine Velhagen

Performers: Markus Heinicke, Mirco Monshausen, Nika Wanderer

Dramatic composition: Tina Saum

Produced by: ultraviolett / Philine Velhagen in coproduction with Drama Köln und in cooperation with WDR

24./25. August 2011

In connection with the exhibition Seitenlichtsaal: Raumproduktion
16. Juli – 26. August 2011

Gestaltete Zeit des Verweilens, 2012

Workshop and interactive dance installation

Concept, choreography, dance, workshop leadership und sound collage: Jörg Weinöhl
Music: »Depuis le jour« von Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Affiliate: Gesualdo Consort Amsterdam

3./10./24. November and 8./15./22. Dezember 2011

In the context of the exhibition: Chris Martin. Staring into the Sun
22. Oktober 2011 – 15. Januar 2012

Shouting Kollektiv, 2012

Speech-opera  in  public space
Concept and performance : Jörg Steinmann and the Erzbischöflichen Suitbertus-Gymnasium 11th-year literature class, led by Christiane Polk

26. /27. Oktober 2012

In the context of the exhibition Juwelen im Rheingold. 10 Jahre Sammlung Rheingold
28. September – 25. November 2012

Moving Bodies, 2012

Performance concert with works and actions from Laurie Anderson, Kunsu Shim, Gerhard Stäbler, James Tenney, La Monte Young

Concept und program: Gerhard Stäbler und Kunsu Shim
Performance: Kunsu Shim und Gerhard Stäbler, Ensemble Lunatree (formerly Lunapark) under the leadership of Anthony Fiumara und Arnold Marinissen

17./18. Januar 2013

In context of the exhibition of YIN Xiuzhen
15. Dezember 2012 – 10. März 2013

Komponistenporträt Helmut Oehring (Composer portrait Helmut Oehring)

Debut performance SehnSuchtMEER or from Fliegender Holländer (The Flying Dutchman), 2013
Music, reading, and talks
Composition und guitar: Helmut Oehring; Contrabass: Matthias Bauer

Talks: Christian Liedtke, research associate at the Heinrich Heine Institute; Dr. Hella Bartnig, Head Dramatic Composer of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein

22. Februar 2013

In context of the exhibition of YIN Xiuzhen
15. Dezember 2012 – 10. März 2013

Variations on Sonakinatography / Five Sisters, 2013

Variations on Sonakinatography I
Score: Channa Horwitz
Percussion: Tobias Liebezeit

Variations on Sonakinatography II
Score: Channa Horwitz

Choreography: Gudrun Lange

Performers: Judit Abegg, Verena Billinger, Julia Dillmann, Oliver El-Fayoumy, Bianca Künzel, Rasmus Nordholt, Kathrin Spaniol, Alexander Steindorf

Five Sisters
Script: Guy de Cointet

Performers: Violeta Sanchez, Einat Tuchman, Adva Zakai, Veridiana Zurita
Light and Sound: Elizabeth Orr

15. Mai. 2013

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung Anton Voyls Fortgang
16. Mai – 30. Juni 2013

Kunsthalle BÜHNE: Das Fest!, 2014

Festival with concerts, performances, installations, workshops and talks

18./19. Januar 2014

Kunsthalle Bühne was a project by the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in cooperation with
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More information about the Kunsthalle can be found here: Kunsthalle BÜHNE: Die Dokumentation.

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