Paula Knaps Loos. Tales

A digitally drawn T with squiggles on a gray-brown background.

© Paula Knaps Loos. Tales

Opening: November 23, 2023, 6 pm
With a fairy tale reading by Carl Brandi

Tales by Paula Knaps Loos invites us to escape everyday life during the dark days of winter. The vertical collages, which resemble portals, take us on an imaginary journey to faraway places and different times. Painted tiles decorated with stickers and stucco awaken a longing for French cafes, walks in Portugal r a gallery in Italy. The artist brings nostalgia and warmth to the cold parking garage with her intimate visual concepts of places of longing.

Paula Knaps Loos uses everyday materials such as tiles, wallpaper nd stucco for her works. Adorned with ornaments and floral elements, they bring elegance and grandeur to the everyday setting of the parking garage. The large-scale graphics are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style, which also sought to artistically redesign and embellish the everyday.

In her work, Paula Knaps Loos deals with the concept of decor and decoration at the boundaries of fine arts, architecture, kitsch and everyday materials. She completed her degree under Prof. Katharina Wulff at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2023.

Invited by Juliane Hoffmanns

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