Katharina Grosse
Transparent Eyeballs

Katharina Grosse
Untitled, 2009
Installation view at Johannes Church, Düsseldorf
© Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010

Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse will exhibit a large outdoor piece at the Quadriennale 2010 in Düsseldorf. The painter, who studied in Düsseldorf and recently became a professor at the city’s art academy, enjoys international recognition in the art world.
Her work will take the form of a futuristic oversized, domed ellipse, which will be placed, as if by chance, near St John’s Church in the Düsseldorf city centre. Pedestrians will suddenly be confronted with a brightly coloured, sculpture-like painting, which has only previously been exhibited indoors. The painting has been spray painted on perforated hard foam in Grosse’s distinctive style. Not only does its wild burst of colour challenge viewers’ perceptions of colour, light and space, it invites them to think about the boundaries of architecture, sculpture, images and objects.

Please find here the catalogue of the exhibition.

Sup­port­ed by

Nationale Suisse

Quadriennale 2010

Quadriennale 2010